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About P2V
'Peer Learning': professionals learning from each other’s practices
P2V (Peer to Peer networking for Valorisation) is a two-year project supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture. The project aims to help teachers, inspectors and policy makers discover methods, pedagogies and inspection schemes in other countries using peer learning.

Partners in the project worked on three topics that are significant in widening the uptake of e-learning in schools:
  • Digital resources: accessing, sharing across borders, common standards
  • Digital literacy: competent, effective and responsible use of technology by all
  • New learning environments: online learning, future schooling models.

    Among the main outcome of the projects are detailed accounts of how peer learning was conducted among policy makers, inspectors and schools in the project following a detailed methodology. A key document describing the peer learning activities, methodologies, successes and problems encountered during the P2V project is the final version of the 'Common Analytical Framework, "A roadmap for change" (Dec 2008).

    Other documents describing per strands of work (Schools, Policy and Inspection) are available on each respective section of the site.

    P2V is a continuation of previous peer learning projects, ERNIST and P2P, which took place from 2003 to 2006. read more about the P2V project...

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