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About P2V, 'Peer Learning': professionals learning from each other’s practices
P2V (Peer to Peer networking for Valorisation) is a two-year project supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture. The project aims to help teachers, inspectors and policy makers discover methods, pedagogies and inspection schemes in other countries using peer learning.

P2V is a continuation of previous peer learning projects, ERNIST and P2P, which took place from 2003 to 2006.

Partners in the project are working on three topics that are significant in widening the uptake of e-learning in schools:

  • Digital resources: accessing, sharing across borders, common standards
  • Digital literacy: competent, effective and responsible use of technology by all
  • New learning environments: online learning, future schooling models.

For the purpose of experience-sharing related to these topics, participants will engage in a series of activities. They will collaborate in a network comprised of groups formed by a topic of their interest. In that way, valorisation would happen in a friendly environment amongst people who are willing to exchange ideas and experience.

The key results of the project will be integrated into an overall analytical framework and roadmap for effective use of ICT in school environments and for ICT change in schools. P2V will take place in three strands: Policy valorisation, Inspectorate valorisation and School valorisation.

Participating countries are Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Lithuania, The Netherlands, and two non-funded partners Norway and Switzerland.

Valorisation can be described as the process of disseminating and exploiting the results of projects with a view to optimising their value, strengthening their impact, transferring them, integrating them in a sustainable way and using them actively in systems and practices at local, regional, national and European levels.


P2V builds on two networks of networks – European Schoolnet and the Standing International Conference of Inspectorates - and will:

  • Valorise (i.e. critically review, refine, disseminate and exploit) P2P methodologies and results
  • Apply them in large-scale contexts to the results of the eLearning Programme relating to the three topics
  • Further develop and refine an analytical framework to guide decision-makers in the effective use of ICT and e-learning in school environments.

Valorisation will be applied through identifying a need identified by one or more of the participants related to the broad themes of digital content, new learning environments and media literacy:

 “Work to valorise the three perspectives of P2P (practice, policy and inspection) offers the prospect of co-ordinating most of the actors and constraints that need to be aligned for systemic innovation called for in the Lisbon Declaration.”

The P2V projects partners are:
1. EUN Partnership AISBL, BE
2. Inspectorate of Education, NL
3. Regional Training Unit, UK
4. Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques, FR
5. Centre of Information Technologies of Education, LT
6. Departament dEducació, ES
7. UNI-C, DK
8. ENIS Austria, AT

Non-funded partners
9. Did@ctic, University of Fribourg, CH
10. Directorate for Education and Training, NO

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