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Schools Peer Learning

School Peer Learning
The P2V School strand will bring together three national innovative school networks that are part of ENIS (European Network of Innovative Schools), each taking one of the project topics (e-content, digital literacy and new schooling environments). The network is built up by the concept of self-presentation and peer review between schools leaders developed in P2P.

Through a series of activities like reciprocal visits between teachers, schools will identify best practices for themselves. They can also share ideas using video and audio story telling. The purpose is to exchange, support, solve problems, and learn something new which can be applied at the home school

Peer visit reports

In this strand of work, the school practice model developed in P2P is adapted for valorisation of the three topics by trios (or triads) of schools, as recommended by P2P. The focus is on learners aged 14 to 16.


Synoptic report of visits

These reports highlight key points resulting from the visits taking place in triads of schools taking part in the school strand of the P2V project.


P2P key documents

As a result of P2P, the Practice Strand also produced a variety of interesting documents. Professor Robert McCormick studied the roots of the peer reviewing concept and what are its implications to P2P. A model for examining a school is offered by Liisa Ilomäki and Minna Lakkala from the University of Helsinki. In addition, other similar articles are available to introduce the reader to what has been achieved in P2P and offer a better understanding on what bases the continuation project P2V will be built on.


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