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Welcome to the Peer Learning Toolkit
Projects such as ERNIST, P2P (Peer Reviews and Observatory on Policy and Practice in ICT) and P2V (Peer to Peer networking for Valorisation) demonstrated the value of peer learning, particularly in the context of policy-making (policy), Inspectorates of Education (inspection) and Schools practice (school).

The starting point of peer learning is ‘learning from each other’, bringing together experts in a field (educators, policy-makers and inspectors) to exchange, discuss and assess each other’s systems in light of their national, regional or local context.

The peer learning experience proved to be unforgettable for those who participated in peer learning projects led by European Schoolnet (EUN). We want to present here the various documents, reports, templates, methodologies and frameworks used in four years of research and share it with others who would want to live the same enriching experience.

P2P defined peer learning as “non-judgmental mutual learning experience emphasising trust and openness and providing education professionals at all levels with practical insights and structured feedback”.

P2V brought peer learning to a higher level by focussing on three topics that are significant in widening the uptake of e-learning in schools: Digital resources; Digital literacy and New learning environments.(list of deliverables)

Peer learning in the context of EUN projects is more than simply an answer to the famous say there is no need to reinvent the wheel, its higher purpose – clearly stated in P2V – is to eventually offer a roadmap for ICT change in schools.

As a result of the project, a book has been published which we hope will be inspirational for those wanting to explore peer learning – a concept at the heart of European Schoolnet’s mission – by providing methodologies, recommendations, snapshots of visits, frameworks and tools for successful peer learning activities.

[Download the P2V Peer Learning Toolkit]

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