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About the P2P project
P2P (Peer Reviews and Observatory on Policy and Practice in ICT) was a project within the framework of the European Commission eLearning programme. The purpose of P2P was to aggregate and expand existing activities related to identifying, sharing and transferring excellence in the policy and practice of e-learning in school systems at regional, national and European level. The project was led by European Schoolnet from January 2004 to April 2006.

The P2P project took place in three strands: Policy Peer Reviews, Inspectorate Peer Reviews and (School) Practice Peer Reviews and included:

Three policy peer reviews: in Ministries of Education of Northern Ireland, France and Finland to develops a closer dialogue between senior officials working on eLearning policy. Partners from the CTIE (Switzerland, self funded) and Nottingham University provide the framework for the reviews and produce analytical review reports looking into the transfer and scalability of discussed policy examples.

Fourteen practice peer reviews: school leaders and teachers in schools from France (four), Northern Ireland (four), Finland (four), France (four) and The Netherlands (two), were paired for peer learning activities. Researchers from the University of Helsinki, The Open University, UK and the centre for international education studies in France provided the methodological framework or input for the mutual peer learning experience.
Six inspection peer reviews: Under the lead of the Dutch inspectorate, inspectors of education from England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Sweden and The Netherlands evaluated their instruments, participated in school visits and worked, thanks to the process of peer learning, on a better understanding of the context they work in, of the way they operate during school visits and of the place of ICT in increasing the quality of education.

Outputs of the project include peer policy and practice review reports, school portraits, a common framework for evaluation, a study on assessment schemes for teachers ICT competence, analytical studies and collections of good practice in policy and practice.

P2P builds on ERNIST a previous peer learning project.


  • EUN Partnership AISBL Belgium (coordinator),
  • Inspectorate of Education, The Netherlands
  • The National Board of Education, Finland
  • The University of Helsinski, Finland
  • Ministry of Education, higher Education and Research, France
  • The Education Technology Strategy Management group, Northern Ireland (UK)
  • The Open University, United Kingdom
  • The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • The Swiss Agency for ICT in Education, Switzerland (self-funded)
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