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Inspection Peer Learning

The Dutch inspectorate has been the driving force of the inspection strand in both P2P and P2V as well as the coordinator of the series of school portraits in the ERNIST project. Building on this experience (a template for school description and how ICT is used in 20 European schools), partners in the inspection strand built a comprehensive transnational framework for the evaluation of ICT in education.

In P2V, this framework was further developed and could be used in the school strand for school self and peer reviews (schools could also use the Becta framework). The aim of the framework is to serve as an audit tool for self-evaluation and as a roadmap for institutional change towards the e-confident school. It also forms the backbone of the online tool ‘TIES’ the Toolkit for Investigating eMaturity in Schools.

The framework was extended by providing inspectors with the necessary tools: observation forms, interview schedules and other templates provided in this section. Inspectorates from France, Catalonia, Scotland, Sweden and Lithuania (P2V) and England, Scotland, Ireland (P2P) participated in this effort.

In P2V, SICI, the Standing International Conference of Inspectorate, was also part of this work package to valorises the ICT assessment framework, testing and using it in different countries.

Methodology (Inspection)

As part of the P2V inspection strand, a complete methodology to assess ICT in schools was developed. several supporting document for lesson observation, self evaluation questionnaire, country visit report template were produced for the peer evaluation. A PowerPoint presentation explains the steps for successful peer evaluation between schools following the P2V methodology and several templates for the peer assessment are provided.


Evaluation Framework

This framework was developed as part of the p2p-Inspectorates project. Its aim is to bring together standards and indicators as used by several education inspectorates throughout Europe, revise and reorder these criteria and present them as one shared model.


P2V deliverables

Here is a list of the P2V deliverables, for additional documents concerning each deliverable, check the P2V wiki repository


Key P2P documents

The Inspectorate Strand publish a number of reports amongst which are the Inspectorate Framework. The document describes the process and the outcomes of the inspectorate strand of P2P. Available are also ‘the Framework for the evaluation of ICT in education’ and ‘Assessment Schemes for Teachers’ ICT competence’. The established Framework has been refined in P2V and we advise to rather use the updated version.


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