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P2P Inspection Strand documents
The Inspectorate Strand publish a number of reports amongst which are the Inspectorate Framework. The document describes the process and the outcomes of the inspectorate strand of P2P. Available are also ‘the Framework for the evaluation of ICT in education’ and ‘Assessment Schemes for Teachers’ ICT competence’. The established Framework has been refined in P2V and we advise to rather use the updated version.

Inspection framework
This book describe the work done by six inspectorates of Education during the P2P project to build a transnational framework for the evaluation of ICT in education. The brochure describe in a first part the process and outcomes of the P2P Inspectorate strand (P2P-i) which consisted of peer learning visits between the six inspectorates (split in two peer reviewing triangles) and in a second part the joint framework development.

The Framework for the evaluation of ICT in education 
Assessment Schemes for Teachers’ ICT competence

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