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Full list of P2V deliverables
Here is a list of the P2V deliverables, for additional documents concerning each deliverable, check the P2V wiki repository
Work Package 1 - Co-ordination
D1.1 Operational plan [pdf]
D1.2 Project final report 20090311 [pdf]
D1.2a Evaluation report [pdf]
Work Package 2 - Integration and dissemination
D2.1 Roadmap_for_change_20090107 [pdf]
D2.2 Portal and marketing [pdf]
D2.3 Workshop reports [pdf]
D2.4 Consolidated Analytical Studies [pdf]
Work package 3 - Portal and Communities
D3.2: P2V Website Portal
Work package 4 - Policy
D4.1 Lithuania visit [pdf]
D4.2 Catalonia visit [pdf]
D4.3 France visit [pdf]
D4.4 Methodology for policy-making peer learning [pdf]
Work package 5 - Schools
D5.1 School visit reports [pdf]
D5.2 Methodology for practice peer learning [pdf]
Work package 6 - Inspection
D6.1 Inspection visit reports [pdf]
D6.2 Inspection visit report [pdf]
D6.3 Framework for ICT assessment [pdf]
D6.4 Methodology for ICT assessment peer learning [pdf]
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