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Revised and validated methodology to assess ICT
As part of the P2V inspection strand, a complete methodology to assess ICT in schools was developed. several supporting document for lesson observation, self evaluation questionnaire, country visit report template were produced for the peer evaluation. A PowerPoint presentation explains the steps for successful peer evaluation between schools following the P2V methodology and several templates for the peer assessment are provided.
The methodology for ICT assessment peer learning includes peer learning activities before, during and after school visits (templates are provided when necessary):

Before the visit
  • Preparatory conversation with the school
  • Schools fill in self evaluation questionnaires and send it out to peer school [PDF - WORD
  • Schools analyse self evaluation questionnaire received from peer school
  • School study any available material including plans, visions and reports

During the visit
  • Meeting with leadership/ICT coordinator
  • Lesson observation, school tour [PDF - WORD]
  • Interviews of pupils, teachers and administrators
  • Feedback session at the end of the day, including preliminary conclusions

After the visit
  • Draft written report: final conclusion reviewed by the peer school
  • Final written report [PDF - WORD

D6.4 Revised and validated methodology for ICT assessment peer learning (pdf): D6.4 Methodology for ICT assessment peer learning pdf.pdf

The methodology is complemented by the use of the P2V ICT evaluation framework

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