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Catalonia peer review visit report
The second peer review visit of the P2V Policy strand took place in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on 20-22 February 2008. The meeting was organised by the Department of Education of Catalonia. The methodology developed in P2V calls for organisers of the visit to identify a specific issue or problem to be presented and possible solutions discussed with peers.

The issue under discussion at the meeting was formulated as follows: Catalonia is currently facing a number of major challenges related to immigration, cultural identity, transformations in economic activities and changes in social structures, especially the family. School is seen as a key player in responding to these changes. However, a number of studies indicate that performance of the Catalonian school system in terms of exam results is insufficient and there is considerable concern amongst the general public about the efficiency of schools. Methodological changes are needed if schools are to respond to these challenges. Such innovative changes include fostering collaborative working, developing flexibility and supporting creativity.

The Catalonian issue to be worked on during the P2V seminar in February 2008 is to create the right conditions to support and spread pedagogical and managerial innovation in schools using ICT. Two aspects are singled out. First the need to find ways and means to encourage innovation on the part of teachers. And second, the need to foster a whole school approach to innovation, particularly in secondary schools (12 - 16 year olds).

The following documents give an account of the methodology used at the Catalan event:

  • D4.4: Policy peer reviewing methodology
  • D4.2: Catalonia visit report
  • Catalan visit report on Insight (EUN Observatory for new technology and education)
  • Catalonia contribution to WP4
  • Agenda of the visit
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