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Lithuania peer review visit report
The first peer review visit of the P2V Policy strand took place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 18-20 June 2007. 23 participants from five countries, partners in the P2V project participanted. The meeting was organised by the Lithuanian Centre of Information Technologies of Education (ITC) and addressed the issue of digital resources. The methodology developed in P2V calls for organisers of the visit to identify a specific issue or problem to be presented and possible solutions discussed with peers.

The issue presented by the Lithuanian hosts was how to increase the reusability of pedagogical material and pedagogical scenarios. The discussions and examples focused particularly on the following: IMS LD-compliant Units of Learning (UoL) and Microsoft’s Virtual Classroom Tour.

The rationale behind promoting the reusability of learning resources is that sharing digital resources across Europe supports the development or eLearning as well as is a cost effective solution to increase supply of LO and Learning resources.

This is why the Lithuanian Ministry of Education is currently looking at the best ways to build a Lithuanian Digital Library of Educational Resources which will be connected to major European repositories of learning resources including European Schoolnet’s Learning Resources for Europe (LRE). The use of UoL and efficient templates could be a way to tackle a changing educational and pedagogical environment.

The following documents give an account of the methodology used at the Lithuanian event:

  • D4.4: Policy peer reviewing methodology
  • D4.1: Lithuania visit report
  • Presentation of the Lithuanian topic
  • Lithuania visit report on Insight (EUN Observatory for new technology and education)
  • Agenda of the visit
  • Participants list
  • Creation of Lithuanian Digital Library of Educational Resources and Services: Several system interoperability and evaluation aspects, Eugenijus Kurilovas, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
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