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Cooperative Learning
P2V school triad #2 (Denmark, Northern Ireland, Catalonia) recently visited the participating school in Barcelona. In my last little contribution on this blog I wrote a bit on the distinction between collaborative and cooperative from my understanding of the two terms translated into Danish and used in connection with Danish education.
However there is a growing interest also in Denmark of what is behind the term Cooperative Learning. Cooperative Learning has many points of resemblance with my small example in my former note.

I think it could be interesting to take a closer look at the last visit in school triad #2 where we visited Centre Educatiu Jacint Verdaguer in Barcelona, Catalonia (

It was a great experience to see the school and hear how they work following the ideas of and thinking in Cooperative Learning. I was very much impressed by their intranet and how that in fact reflected the thinking in Cooperative Learning.

Misfortunately I neither understand nor read Catalonian or Spanish so it is difficult really to try things out as we were encouraged to do by our hosts when we got back home after the visit. I therefore hope others will cast light on how the intranet supports the thinking by giving a couple of examples. I think it would be great for me to be able to show some examples to my colleagues.

By Øjvind Brøgger, UNI-C (originally posted on the P2V Blog-Schools)

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