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You expect – you see – you experience – you learn – …
P2V is built on triads. Three schools visit one another, and the hosting school has set up a program for the two days the visit lasts. The hosting school has also pointed out a couple of specific elements in the teaching and learning that the school in particular would like the visiting teachers to adopt an attitude to.
In preparation information on values, goals, curriculum and so on are sent. Websites are studied, as a visitor you start to form an opinion, create pictures in your mind and build up expectations. Then one day you leave home, enter and see the actual school and the real classroom with children eager to learn. The ideas formed in your mind on the basis of your preparation and professional background are confronted with reality, and you experience how teaching and learning take place in a school culture very much different from the one you live and feel comfort in.

Archimedes once said, “Do not disturb my circles!” I think circles have to be disturbed to initiate and promote development. If your circles remain undisturbed you don’t learn and improve.

My circles were disturbed both in my first visit to a Danish school and the visit in Northern Ireland. Expectations and experiences were confronted leading to reflections on how I do things, why I do things the way I do, and reflections on improving teaching and learning both for me, but certainly also for the pupils.

I think P2V delivers substance that is valuable not only to the participating schools, but also to teachers in general in Denmark. It is a big challenge for us to disseminate the outcome of the school visits. Hopefully we succeed. We are already using our ENIS network, but more is needed and will come.

Øjvind Brøgger (UNI-C, Denmark, Initially published on the P2V Blog-School)

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