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School peer review methodology
Peer learning consists of several activities including visiting the peers, self evaluation, peer evaluations (reporting on visits for instance). In P2P, visits were conducted between pairs of schools peer reviewing each other. P2V introduced a third dimension to the process as schools were peer reviewing in triads.

The methodology, or triad of schools operation principles describes how peer learning between schools was organized in the P2V project. The document on methodology provides guidance for the following:

  1. Selection of schools and formation of triads
  2. Tasks before the visit
  3. Tasks after the visit

Additionally a PowerPoint presentation, presented in the inspection section of this site gives templates for activities before, during and after the visits.

It should also be noted that particular care was taken in this strand in looking at the interactions between the three strands of work (Policy, Inspection and Schools) as each of them developed tools (such as the evaluation framework in the Inspection strand and the ‘Issue’ methodology in the Policy strand) which was at the core of the school visits.

The document ‘P2V guidance for school reports’ provides detailed guidelines for the reports as it was necessary that all peer and self review reports followed a standard in order to be able to compare and analyse data.

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