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Peer visit reports
This section offers an overview of the different peer learning visit which were conducted in P2V among triads (and pairs) of schools. They are inspirational not only to learn more about the schools portrayed and assessed but also as a support to the methodology in conducting peer learning between schools. In this strand, the school practice model developed in P2P is adapted for valorisation of the three topics by trios (or triads) of schools, as recommended by P2P. The focus is on learners aged 14 to 16.

Work in this P2V strand was whole-school based and whole school self-and peer-assessment is an important part of the strand (work package 5). This is why partners in this strand worked closely with the inspection strand as schools could use the self-assessment framework developed by the inspectorates in P2P and P2V (or the Becta framework for assessing ICT), first self-assessing, then peer assessing.

Participants were Denmark (leader of the work package), Norway, UK (Northern Ireland), Spain (Catalonia), the Netherlands and Austria. The approach was for all to take the topic of new learning environment as the main topic, but also look at other topic area (digital literacy and digital resources). Each cluster of schools applied the P2P methodology to peer review innovative activities in these areas. The network was built up by developing the concept of self-presentation and peer review between school leaders developed in P2P and by sharing good practice using video and audio story telling case study approaches.

For visits (subject to budget), two people (head and ICT or a particular subject area) in each school visited two other schools and host one visit and inspectors join the visits. Visits cover both ICT assessment and all three topics.

We present here the latest visits in P2V, to access the school visits made during the P2P project, check the 'Documents from P2P section'

D5.1: Peer visit reports: D5.1 School visit reports.doc

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