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Synoptic report of school visits
These reports highlight key points resulting from the visits taking place in triads of schools taking part in the school strand of the P2V project.


Northern Ireland's synoptic P2V report

Key points from reports from four triads, in which 5 Northern Ireland Schools (one primary and four secondary) visited and were visited in turn by 7 schools from Denmark, Norway, Austria and Catalonia.
Download report [pdf]

Denmark's synoptic P2V report
This report is to find key point from the three triads in which the Danish schools participated, visting schools in Northern Ireland, Spain and Norway.
Download report [pdf]

Catalonia's synoptic P2V report
The three Catalan schools taking part in the project came out with common conclusions regarding the outcomes arising from their visits in schools in Northern Ireland, Denmark and Austria.
Download report [pdf]

Austria's synoptic P2V report
Report from headmaster of BG/BRG/BORG Eisenstadt school on his visit to Ashfield Girls’ High School in Belfast and Skeiene ungdomsskole in Sandnes, Norway.
Download report [pdf]

Report from Superintendent of ICT in schools, representing the school supervisory board (“Landesschulrat“) of Burgenland.
Download report [pdf]

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